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Available Online

Ballet Flexibility

Stretch, Lengthen, and Blossom

  • 30 minutes
  • 10 euros
  • ONLINE via ZOOM ~ Live Streaming

Service Description

Embrace the elegance of ballet combined with the effectiveness of flexibility training. This 30-minute online session is a blend of dynamic, static, and active stretching exercises inspired by ballet's grace. Why This Class? Dynamic Stretching: Experience full-body motion, warming up every muscle. Static Stretching: Delve deep, holding stretches to maximize benefits. Active Stretching: Harness your body's resistance to sculpt your flexibility. Venture into stretches tailored for improving hip mobility, hamstring flexibility, perfecting your turn-out, and journeying closer to achieving the splits. Let every moment be an opportunity to destress, decompress, and recalibrate your body. The reward? Enhanced performance in physical activities, minimized risk of injuries, amplified flexibility, and a serene sense of well-being that envelops you post-session. What You'll Need: A workout mat for a cushioned experience. Step into a world where ballet meets flexibility, right from your home's comfort.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

You can book a class until 1 hour before it starts. No bookings will be accepted in the hour leading up to the class. If you need to cancel, do it at least 1 hour before the class. Cancel on time and you can re-book. If you miss without cancelling, you've got 24 hours to contact us to re-schedule; after that, no changes or refunds are available. In the rare instances where we, as the provider, need to cancel a class: Single bookings can either get a full refund or re-schedule to a class of the same value at no extra cost. Membership holders will have the class rescheduled, even if the membership has ended, at no added fee. Membership holders: if you miss a class without prior notice, there's no option for a re-schedule or refund due to the membership's discounted rate.

Contact Details


Strada Venus 25, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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