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"I am driven by the conviction that the refined and structured training techniques practiced by professional dancers are a treasure trove of possibilities for all. With BalleTonic, I blend the art of ballet—a harmonious fusion of power and poise—with fitness principles to create a program that is both approachable and transformative. This fusion provides infinite advantages for both the body and soul, making the poise and strength of a ballerina accessible to everyone.


My commitment lies in unraveling the mysteries of ballet to unlock its plentiful gifts for a wider audience, making it accessible and achievable for all, so you can feel the full joy and health benefits of moving and training like a ballerina."

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Welcome to BalleTonic, where each step in dance is a step towards empowerment. I am Ingrid Karola, founder of BalleTonic, and my life is a testament to the transformative power of ballet.


My ballet journey began with childlike wonder at five and blossomed as I pirouetted through life's stages. Ballet was not just a discipline but a whisper of my soul—compelling, demanding, and utterly freeing. From competing nationally between 2007 to 2014, which fueled my passion for the art, to dancing under the majestic roof of the National Opera of Cluj-Napoca while juggling high school studies, each twirl and leap engraved a story of resilience and artistry.

My dreams have always been accompanied by the melody of hard work. The University studies at the Music Academy – Conservatory in Cluj were not just about academics; they were about dedication and the pursuit of excellence. This commitment took me across the waves aboard the TUI Cruises - Mein Schiff, where I shared the universal language of dance, connecting cultures and touching hearts.

As the world paused during the pandemic, my mission gained clarity. The desire to inspire active lifestyles and holistic health through ballet led me to become a certified personal trainer and gave birth to BalleTonic in the vibrant city of Berlin. Here, amid the fusion of tradition and innovation, I learned a new language—not just of words but of movement, teaching Ballet, Jazz, Pilates, Barre, and Personal Training.

BalleTonic is not just a fitness platform; it's a vision where classical ballet's grace meets modern fitness's strength. It's a place where women find a virtual sanctuary to not only refine their physique but also to connect deeply with their essence. By blending the timeless techniques of ballet with the dynamic rhythms of fitness, I aim to curate an experience that is as empowering as it is elegant.

I invite you to join this community of strength and beauty. Here, every woman is a masterpiece in motion, every class a step closer to her personal zenith of confidence and health. Embrace the movement, embrace your power, and let's dance towards a future where every woman is her own kind of beautiful, strong, and unapologetically graceful.


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