What is BalleTonic ?


BalleTonic (BT) is a new, fresh and doable ballet inspired fitness platform, created on the basis of more than 20 years of professional experience in ballet training, stage performance, pedagogy and personal training - with one mission:

to bring the training, education and mindset of professional dancers, from the studio and behind the stage, closer to the people and make it accessible to everyone so everybody can benefit  from the wonders of ballet.


Ballet has much to offer trough it’s graceful movements: flexibility, strength, muscle tone,  clear memory and focus, body awareness, momentum, fluidity, distinction, presence, posture, gracious and elegant body movement, as well as balance, better coordination, awareness , confidence and a boost of energy and vitality. 

The practice of ballet, strengthens not only the body but also the mind. It improves the capacity to focus better, to learn faster, it improves our cognitive functions and it teaches us discipline. 

A ballerina is the icon of femininity, desire and elegance. Therefore, BalleTonic combines not only Ballet, Fitness and Pilates exercises that create a strong and lean body, gracious, feminine movement, coordination and balance, we focus on coaching young girls and women on topics such as mindset, femininity and confidence.

We are passionately and continuously in the making, focusing on constant research, growth and improvement and we are looking to develop our platform by providing expert knowledge across multiple essential pillars such as correct strength building and flexibility training, injury prevention, nutrition, anatomy and mindset.

For too long, women especially, have despised their bodies, shapes and sizes, giving up the most precious thing: their own unique and beautiful feminine power, confidence and inner self-belief and love.


"Every woman who feels confident in her own skin and learns how to love herself and be in accordance with herself, her actions and her thoughts, she becomes the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world! She becomes empowered and unstoppable!"

- Ingrid Karola

Our workouts are structured in such way so everybody can easily follow from anywhere around the globe and entirely benefit from it!