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An article by FREEDOM STATION - "About People Who Dare"

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Alexandra, the owner and creator of "FREEDOM STATION - ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DARE", came up with this great idea: to write about people who inspire her and she believes that their voice should be heard by the world. The topic was about 2 questions: 1. What does courage mean to you? Describe moments when you felt brave. 2: What makes you feel free?

I strongly want to point out that she is the inspiration here!

More about her and her beautiful work on: - she's the kind of woman you would want to know about!

"Courage means self-love. It's about knowing you deserve the best that life has to offer you." - Ingrid Karola

Ingrid Karola is a former professional ballerina of the National Opera House in Cluj Napoca - Romania, with a Bachelor’s degree in Dance, Choreography, Pedagogy, Music, and Arts. After twenty years of ballet, her wish is to empower women all around the world to discover their inner and outer femininity, strength, and confidence. I talked to this beautiful and talented woman about courage and freedom. Here are her answers:

"For me, courage is to know that life is a playground and we are all here to experience the field. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is about feeling the fear slipping underneath your skin and despite this, still taking the chance. But there lies the beauty of life: the unknown, the surprise of self-discovery.

Every new experience is scary in the beginning, but once you dive in, you adapt and things change. It’s our brain that has no information, nor perspective, nor map upon the upcoming experiences in our life, and that’s the only scary fact.

I felt brave and honoured when I was chosen during my 3rd year of high school to be part of the ballet ensemble of the National Opera House of Cluj Napoca, for seven years in a row, where I faced countless challenges. I felt brave when I left the Opera. I dared to admit to myself that I reached a point in my life where that didn’t serve me anymore. It’s not that I abandoned my passion. I was thirsty for self-discovery, growth, and evolution. I decided to crush the bubble of my comfort zone entirely, so I got a contract as a Professional Dancer on a cruise ship for half a year, which ended up being much longer.

As soon as I embarked, I started feeling very weak and helpless. I knew nothing about my new ‘home’. I had a massive breakdown and I almost wanted to quit and go home. I bragged about how courageous I am, but there I was crying in front of the mirror in a 2m square room.

That was the moment I looked into my eyes in the damn mirror and I decided that whatever comes I’m ready because I choose so. It's entirely up t

o me how I react and respond to life. I could keep on crying, or I could go out, take some fresh air, and make things happen.

Speaking of freedom, my passion for dance makes me feel free; music, travelling, reading and my all-time favourite, LOVE."

Photo credits: Ionel Onofras

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