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Mioara Cristea
*VIP member

"I'm always looking forward with lots of enthusiasm to start a class and in the end I'm always happy, sweaty and I can feel the burning result of the exercises!"  


Andreea Unguras
*VIP member

"I tried many different styles of workouts before BalleTonic, and non have ever convinced me as this one did! 

Exercising was never so fun and pleasurable! I really and truly enjoy these classes!


Georgiana Onici
*VIP member

"I'm simply in love with this concept. The results are absolutely amazing. I feel so good in my body and with myself! You can always find me in these classes!

See you there!"


Andreea Dobos
*VIP member

"From the very beginning I fell in love with this idea. I joined right away in 2020 and I'm very proud of how much my posture and self/body image and awareness has improved since then!

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