As a dancer I learned how to work with my body, how to be confident and how to express my feelings, thoughts and emotions through movement and mind-body connection. I learned how to "let it all out" and I learned how important is to always stand tall both in training and life.

As a dancer you constantly see yourself in the mirror and you strive to always become better and better, become aware of your strengths, capabilities and how to overcome your weak-points, and this leads you on a long journey of continuous progress from day-in to day-out. This consistency and discipline that you develop as a dancers, creates a strong "push-through" mindset and it gives you the strength and confidence you need in life. You become not only more confident when you are in class, you take this feeling out onto your desk, onto your job and onto your every-day life, no matter what you do.

During Corona, by being off-stage, I saw how people got more and more depressed and I knew that through ballet and daily physical movement you can gain that inner strength, balance and confidence, because moving your body doesn't only make you stronger but also more resistant, aware and present on the long-term. 

Many people asked me how do I do the things I do and what keeps me so active, positive and happy about life, and I knew that those things were because of ballet. I never in my life stopped moving, pushing through and checking-in with my body. Ballet is one of the most demanding sports in the world and thousands of ballerinas around the world train tirelessly for years to achieve their goals of not just looking like a ballerina, but feeling like one too.

This body awareness, inner power and confidence that comes with physical training, it's one of the path-ways towards real self-love, confidence and true empowerment. 

When you're on stage and you have to do a difficult - technical movement, such as diagonals or a manej of pirouettes, piqués or cheines turns, jumps, fuettes, or my all time favorite "Grand Pas de Chat" you can't do it if you don't do it full-out. If you're not 100% present, focused and confident that you can do it, you won't do it. The only way to do it is by believing in it and in yourself . You have to be 100% confidence and you have to trust in yourself. And this is why ballet dancers are so remarkably strong, confident and on point!  We train tirelessly for years and years to reach the pike of our careers, strengths and capabilities, to become unstoppable and fully- confident with our-selves and this are the fundamentals I wish to share with the people.

I want to show women of every size and shape how they can become stronger and more vibrant. I want help them discover their own version of strength and I want to show them what is possible for their lives and for their bodies, so they can live and perform at their best.

My whole-life passion for ballet and stage led me to a turning point in my career during Corona where I decided that I want to bring out my best skills and knowledge in helping dancers and non-dancers get stronger, more confident and more aware of their own bodies. I want to help you discover trough practice, how precious and unique your body is and and how much more empowered and stronger you can become, by taking care of your own physical and mental well-being, and all with a touch of femininity.


Born in Romania, Cluj-Napoca - Transylvania. I started dancing ballet at 5 and I deeply feel in love with it, developing a deep passion that lead me to a professional career as a ballerina.

My training and education throughout the years resulted in many national and international competitions with different prizes and distinct awards.

Already at age 16 I was became part of the ballet ensemble of The National Opera of Cluj-Napoca, Romania (ONRC), having my first debut in Giselle.

For the next 7 years, I danced with he company on many national and international stages, and I worked with many important and distinct ballet personalities. 

After finishing my studies at The Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca, in 2019 I changed path-ways and I signed up for Cruise Ship Entertainment, broadening my horizons both as a stage-performer and directing-coach.

In 2020 when The World Pandemic hit, I remained stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on board of Mein Schiff, for 50 days. Wanting to help and support my crew fellows, I started giving dance, aerobic and body conditioning classes, which lead me to build up today's BalleTonic. 

My Story in Pictures: